Tonio Skits

With a following of over 3.6 million users and over 50 million impressions across all social media platforms, he is the KING of comedy who possesses talent so powerful that its creating a new social wave that keeps his audience glued to their newsfeed; Actor, social media influencer and comedian Antonio ”Tonio Skits” Ramos is determined and taking his talent to the next level.

Born in the Bronx, he attended Kennedy High School where he became involved in the dance and drama program. During that time, Tonio’s new love for acting soon became a driven passion that will eventually turn him into a rising star.

Tonio relocated to Miami, Florida years later and graduated with a 3.8 GPA from Miami-Dade College for his Associates in Mass Communication and Bachelors in Film Production. This aspiring actor pushes the limits and entertains the masses with his superb charm and Latin flavor.

In 2016, Tonio’s dreams started to soon became reality as he landed a feature as the only Latino in MTV’s hit television show “Wild N’ Out” seasons 8 & 9 starring Nick Cannon. Along with many other successes, Tonio has also been signed to Kevin Hart’s HARTBeat Digital Productions. Tonio is in such high demand to host major red carpet events as a social media commentator, as well as parties globally. He is breaking barriers as a social media influencer and content creator as he continues to create, edit and direct his own original content.